A good base for MAC Matte2 eyeshadow

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Jul 18, 2007
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I recently bought some of the Matte2 eyeshadows but they seem to crease a lot when i wear them. No other MAC shadows do this on me. I haven't used a base with the Matte2 shadows yet, so I was wondering what would really work - maybe UDPP?

I usually used beige-ing shadestick or bare canvas paint but I have a feeling these won't work as well as they do under my other shadows

Thanks in advance!

I use MAC paints underneath the matte2 shadows and it works just fine - one or two thin layers (wait for the first to dry if you want to apply a second one), no creasing whatsoever and I have oily lids.

Like you mentionned, I'm sure UDPP would work great. I just had Fig. 1 and Signed, Sealed on today with Sublime Nature paint on underneath as a base and it didn't budge at all so I'd definately try it out!