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A little advise or help going from natural auburn to cherry red

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Oct 28, 2010
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Soo I am a natural red head :

but I am looking to do a color more like this :

is it completely necessary that I bleach my hair to achieve this color? I have really fine hair and it just doesn't take well to bleach at all so I am trying to avoid it. I'd love to have a red tone to my hair rather than an orange tone and I've tired a lot of red dyes but because of my natural copper tone they usually turn out more dark coppery orange than a redish burgundy like I want. I'm around a 6 or 7 which is the lighter end of the wheel and I want to go darker, since I am depositing I assume there wouldn't be bleaching involved, can anyone give me any pointers or tips on how I can get to this color without using bleach? Also I am in Romania and have searched far and wide for eyebrow bleach and can't find any, would it be completely asinine for me to use hair bleach on my eyebrows?

Thanks for any advise!