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Sep 17, 2007
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Hello Everyone! My name is Kelly, i'm 19. I currently live in Orange County, California but lived 11 years of my life in the beautiful country of Denmark and miss it terribly. I work for a workshop for mentally disabled people as an office assistant and i LOVE it, it's such a fun and rewarding job which most people don't appreciate it.

I love make-up and hope that one day i can possibly go to school for it, but that wont be till later down the road. I'm saving up money as much as possible so i work full time and sometimes a little extra so i'll have enough money to move back to Denmark.

But hope everyone's doing great on this wonderful Monday

hi luv! i bet denmark is beautiful, but so. cal has some redeeming qualities... lol!

hopefully everyone isn't like that t.v. show!


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