A pi$$ed off woman who can use eBay is dangerous!!

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LOL! I know.. 50p for a car like that. I'd love to know what her hubby said when he came home. For those of you that don't know who Jodie Marsh is, she's a glamour girl that goes around half naked every day & makes her money doing that. She's not that popular in the UK. Well anybody i know doesnt like her anyway!

That is insane! I read the feedback comments...


"thank you hayley the car is excellent thank your hubby for me"

Can you imagine buying a LOTUS for that?!? That bidder will be sending her a Christmas card

Hmm, i'm not sure.. Any UK MuT'ers online know anything about this DJ??? I never heard of him before

I know nothing about the DJ but i read about this in the paper yesterday.

Not sure if it's true or not... buit if it is, well done to the buyer!!

if he actually cheated on her (which didn´t really come out in the article, right?) then I hope it´s true.

payback is a bit**!

Hehe, I applaud her. That reminded me of the time I sold my exe's NY Jets jersey and his cellphone on ebay. I made almos a $400 profit. He got pissed when he found out, but he got what he deserved for cheating

haha...it's a true story! I live in Birmingham, where this DJ lives/works...we actually drive past his house with that very car parked out front! My partner loves pointing at it and smirking at his wife's antics! Jodie Marsh is quite trashy though...so I don't blame the wife for trying to sell the car!


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