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Aug 4, 2006
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Hi ladies,

Today I went to the MAC store for a lustreglass and foundation but ended up spending over 200 WITH my discount. Here goes:

Rushmetal pigment

Revved Up pigment

Amber Lights palette e/s

Hepcat palette e/s

Sketch e/s

Jewel Blue e/s

Stormwatch e/s

Mystery eye pencil

Lull l/g

Pinkarat l/g

Flashmode l/g

Face Protect spf 50

Brush 252

Tan Ray paint x 6 (this is discontinued so I'm stocking up)

Velvetone eye brow pencil

Brow Finisher in clear

NC45 select cover up concealer (for under the brows)

Pink Swoon blush

Bronze CCB

Premeditated CCB

Passionate e/s

THE NEW LASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2, #3, #37 (ALL TIMES 2)

Blue Horizon liquid last liner

NC50 studio stick foundation

Blot powder - dark

Zoom lash - black

Prep & prime lash


great haul

Wow amazing haul, 200 sounds pretty damn good for all that you got. How much of a discount do you get anyway? Anyway, enjoy and post pics if you get around to it!


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