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Feb 5, 2006
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Coon Rapids MN
There is a website that I found for reviews of all items, almost everything I think.

if your interested in looking at reviews before you buy go here. Reviews from Epinions

I personally think it's awesome!! I love to see what other people said before I buy, and make a decision. I went to look for tampon and pad reviews, to match my post in the health forums on the what do you use and why thread.

Anyways it's worth a view.

what do you think??

Epinions is an awesome site! There are some things that aren't on there, and if there's a new product that's not on there, you'll have to contact one of the site people to add it so you can write a review. I've written reviews on there myself, and you actually get money for them, but you have to have over $10 worth of helpful reviews.


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