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ok people first off can we all right some reviews cause whenever i log on wich we all probly do at least once a day and you wana find a review on the new e.g mabeline lipstick u wont always find it so lets all do each other a faver (sorry if i spelld it wrong!!) and write a couple reviews please! now im gona stop blabermouthin and get on with a review!! LOL

ok so im reviewing the maxfactor 2000 calorie waterproof volume mascara in black...

now many people say that maxfactor are a waste of money and the cheap ones are better i personaly dont think so but i dont think the cheaper ones are bad either and if you cant afford a maxfactor mascara or you dont like them then im not trying in any way to offend you im doing this for the people who are thinking of getting one.

this mascar holds its ground and does stay good once youve been in the pool or whatever and it does stay waterproof. it can tend to smuge after youve got wet but most do that. this was about Â£7/$11 and i got this in boots because i got a £2/$3 off any maxfactor mascara voucher so it cost me £5/$7..........overall i think it is a good mascara and i would happily re purchase it but they are a little pricy but it is good stuff theanks xxxx