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Apr 9, 2007
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Hi there,

I'm new here and was wondering if anyone here has used accutane with success? I've been considering asking my doctor for this. I don't have cystic ance, but I do have inflamatory acne. If there is actually a difference? I am a bit apprehensive since you have to get tested once a month, and have to take an extra form of birth control. Unforunately I am allegric to BC pills, they give me a rash on my face.
Anyway, I was just curious if those that have used it, what did it do to your skin? Do you still occassionally break out, or is your skin clear like a preteen?


I've been on accutane twice. The first was for cystic acne and the second was more for oil control. If you are using an IUD, some dermatologists will think this is adequate birth control. I had my tubes tied before the accutane so birth control was a non issue for me.

Make an appointment with your dermatologist (or get referred if need be) and discuss your skin. The dermatologist may consider accutane or may recommend other prescription products that may be more beneficial for you.

Accutane was great for me. My biggest concern is still excessive oil. I may go back on a third time in a year or two - I'm 43 by the way.

I still get the occasional breakout but I use a prescription called Neo Medrol. It is the only topical product that I have used that can help with cystic acne.

My breakouts are now around my jaw line and near my ears - before they were mostly on cheeks.

I also use Retin A daily. The combination of Neo Medrol and Retin A helps immensely.

Hope I've helped.

My Acne was so-so, but nothing helped and I became allergic to the antibotics. My pores got smaller and my acne has gotten a lot better. I am only on my second month, so we will see how things go

I have the chapped lips. I have to wear certain lip glosses or chapstick at all times. I would only ask your derm if other treatments didn't help. The Derm will go over other birth control options. It is also a very, very time consuming process.

You have to get blood tests and answer questions every month. All this has to be done within 7 days of your doc's visit.


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