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Feb 27, 2005
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My face has been buging me SO much lately. I keep breaking out. I have pimples, clogged pores, those small bumps that's not whiteheads, but you can't get them out, and little ingrown hairs that make pimples. SOOOO annoying. It makes me depressed, cause there's always something. I know you're not supposed to mess with them, but I can't help it, I hate whiteheads. That looks grosser to me, than having picked at bumps. So I have some dark spots from messing with them.

I used to use proactiv, but it stopped working. So I do a Queen Helene mint mask every few days. Wash my face everynight (or try to wash everynight) with St. Ives apricot scrubs, then cetaphil face wash. I use the proactiv lotion though cause I don't know what else to use as an acne lotion. And use the proactiv spot treament stuff.

Part of it is because I started my monthly friend, but I still have other breakouts not associated with it.


Ok, sorry for the long rant.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your skin at the moment Lizzy. Have you ever tried Dr. Haushcka's skincare products? My sister suffered from acne for a few years when she was younger but when she changed to Dr. Hauchska products it really cleared up. I think she was also put on the contraceptive pill aswell by our doctor so that helped too.

I recently bought Mario Badescu Drying Lotion & it works wonder on my monthly breakouts. I'm not sure if you would apply it on the areas where you've acne though as it might dry up the area too much. Check out my review on it in the Review Center!

I really like the "Acne Complex Kit" by Murad - I think this was the only thing that finally worked for the problem skin I've had throughout my teens... It's a cleanser, toner, treatment gel & moisturizer. They also sell a mask (seperately). There were some people who said it was too drying... maybe they were using too much because I didn't experience this at all - and the moisturizer is awesome... so no dryness for me
But it finally ended my breakout cycle


so srry to hear that ur skins not doing what u want it to, i personlly like proactiv to maintain fairly clear skin but alone i never had a completely clear complextion, it just helped to stop any cystic acne.. but i know what ur dealing with i use to use those same products mainly the proactiv and apricot scrub and i was also dissaisfied with the results.. now i use the proactiv cleanser and lotion morning and night and also an aspirin mask at night... and so far my skin has been clearer then it has been in a long time... so its just something to try...

I would recommend to read The Skintype Solutions by Dr Baumann.

So you can determine which your skintype is exactly and then use and avoid the right products for your skintype.

I m currently trying out her system and it has helped me a lot with clearing up my skin in a gently way with no more wrong or harsh products. I used to have the skin type & problems that you described.

I do really hope that your face may clear up very soon!

Sorry you are having skin probs. I have to second the Dr Hauschka suggestion. I started using that brand and it has transformed my skin. Hardly any more break outs. At all. And that was after a major acne crisis over christmas. (it always happens at the 'best' times right?) Also another amazing improvement after starting to use mineral make up. Heres to hoping it will clear up soon for you

I use Stievaa Vitamin A Acid Gel - Canada's version of Retin A.

It helps to clear up acne - blackheads and white heads.

Helps to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells so the face looks healthy.

Has been seen to prevent and even remove wrinkles through clinical trial.

My latest tube cost $17.44 canadian and will last 6 mths. Need a prescription.

I highly recommend Dan's regimen over at, it incorporates using benzol peroxide - which i think is in proactive too, but he offers a bunch of tips and how much to use and so on, worth checking out

So sorry to hear that beautiful Lizzie,I just wanted to wish u good luck on your acne problems,I hope it will resolve soon!!

I know what you mean! My skin is driving me crazy! Right now I'm going through Dr. Baumann's suggestions as well. You may want to give it a read. Really simplified my routine. In fact I'm re-testing myself today to see if my numbers have changed. All the products I've been using over the years makes me wonder if I've been doing more harm than good. Proactiv worked for a little while but then would stop working and was too drying for me. Fighting acne and wrinkles at the same time. Ugh.

I personally just mix it up with some witch hazel or plain diluted water.

For the can mix it in with some cetaphil and use it that way.

My best recommendation for you is to drink your 6-8 glasses of water, sleep early, eat lots of fruits, and important of all, wash your face every night. Try to do that for a week, you will see a change in your skin.

Did anybody notice that the author of this thread made the question 2 years ago? Just pointing out...