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Dec 28, 2006
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(If this needs to be moved, it can, I wasn't sure where to post it though!)

Okay, so this might be completely ridiculous and I might be the only one into it, but I was thinking...for themes in the past that you might have missed, or Dare 2 Be's that you want to re-do, we could just start a thread and post in there! Or maybe even Dare 2 Be's that you don't want to be voted on but still want to participate in!

For example, myself personally, I am DYING to go back to some old themes I missed out on and I'd like to get feedback on the make-up pictures I take to go along with these themes! In fact right now I am about to do the Angels/Devils themes, and I know I would LOVE to eventually do a make-up interpretation of *all* of the 7 Deadly Sins!!

So I wanted to see if, a thread was opened for those little "Extra" Dare 2 Be's, how many people would be interested and whether or not people thought this was a good idea in general before I approached it any further.

I would not have the time to do it now that I have a part time job. But I do recall someone else wanting to do some of the old DTB, she was going to put them in her notepad.

I think instead of a thread for going back, there could be one where you post any theme you wanted and just asked for opinions..

The winner can pick any theme they want so if someone wanted to do the 7 deadly sins again they could.

Originally Posted by MindySue /img/forum/go_quote.gif I think instead of a thread for going back, there could be one where you post any theme you wanted and just asked for opinions.. I think thats a great idea!!!!
I think that's a cool option but if winners can revive old themes, then it's up to them for now.

I too like the past themes, but I also like the current ones - so it's good/better to see something new. What Mindy suggested was good aswell.

We could make a thread on FOTD like the DTB with the revival - it'd be up for a week but there wouldn't be any voting - we only would vote to choose a theme to revive

I really love the idea. I might just be bored one day and try some of them out and post pics.

I actually like the idea. There were times that I thought, gee, I really ought to enter, but then I'd talk myself out of it, and not take time out of my schedule to actually get one done, the biggest thing with me though, is I don't like the idea of my picture being reposted and controlled by somebody else and then being ranked <--definitely not for me.

But theme revivals? I LOVE the idea!

i LIKE IT.. cause there are ideas i am like lets do it.. and. someone would say.. we did it.. eventually we are gunna run out of ideas ya know.. and have to redo some anyway..

I'd really like to do the egyptian princess theme.. and some of the others that I missed out on before I joined!


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