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May 10, 2007
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So I've been married for 3 mo. now and it feels unreal. I mean, whenever I'm out and a guy walk up to me, I'm like i'm married and I always get this type of stare; doesn't bother me much, but just weirds me out from time to time. Lately, there's been alot of arguing and I know thats normal, but the nights not talking to each other bothered me.

We had a big debate about the "future". Of course, I want to got to school for Mu Artistry. We live in AL and the school's in FL. Therefore, that would cause us to move for at least 4 mo. The plans had changed now beause we have two totally separate plans to follow. He wants to do music. Whether it be producing or being an actual entertainer. I on the other hand, want to do MU; although it is greatly possible that we could do both of our careers, I just don't see it being stable enough for us now. So, I had plenty of backup plans and we decided to stay where we are and I just take up Cosmetology and he study music at a local college. Which is pretty good being that I want to stay in the Beauty field, but I'm kind of disappointed. You think I'm just acting like a spolied brat?

I should just be happy and not worry about what the future holds, right? But, I can't stop thinkin back on if we were to go in debt or if we were to have a child and things really got so complicated just when we're on top of things. Idk, I guess I just have to really adjust myself and believe in my partner.

Thanks for reading this long rant!


p.s. advice and wisdom welcomed!

I've been married for just over a month and I can easily say that I'm still adjusting. I mean, we lived together before we were married, but it's weird to call him my "husband" and to try to remember signing *his* last name on stuff and not my maiden name.

As far as the future, I think it is important that you two talk and get on the same page. If he wants to do music and you want to do makeup, why not go to California? That way you can both do what you want. I do see your concerns for finances, though. There are a lot of "what-ifs" but if you two came up with a game plan, I think it would be ok. There are always ways to compromise.

Ehh I don't know about the coming to California part, especially if you're concerned about finances. Housing, buying or renting, is extremely expensive and the music field is extremely competitive. It's really not all that its cracked up to be. Have you looked into any other classes in the area, such as at a community college? Or why not look for a makeup counter job, many of the companies offer training.

Manda's advice is pretty good. I think at Ulta, if you know about makeup they could hire u just without a cosmetology license, but if you're going to be a MUA, then you need one.

Whatever makes you guys happy... or what will make you guys happy for the future. I wanted to go to cosmetology school too for 3 years now but I've held back on it cause we want to save up for it. We can afford it, but we don't want to be living pay check to pay check when I can just wait a couple years. In the mean time, I'm working my little butt off and so is he.