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Adjusting to married life...

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May 10, 2007
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So I've been married for 3 mo. now and it feels unreal. I mean, whenever I'm out and a guy walk up to me, I'm like i'm married and I always get this type of stare; doesn't bother me much, but just weirds me out from time to time. Lately, there's been alot of arguing and I know thats normal, but the nights not talking to each other bothered me.

We had a big debate about the "future". Of course, I want to got to school for Mu Artistry. We live in AL and the school's in FL. Therefore, that would cause us to move for at least 4 mo. The plans had changed now beause we have two totally separate plans to follow. He wants to do music. Whether it be producing or being an actual entertainer. I on the other hand, want to do MU; although it is greatly possible that we could do both of our careers, I just don't see it being stable enough for us now. So, I had plenty of backup plans and we decided to stay where we are and I just take up Cosmetology and he study music at a local college. Which is pretty good being that I want to stay in the Beauty field, but I'm kind of disappointed. You think I'm just acting like a spolied brat?

I should just be happy and not worry about what the future holds, right? But, I can't stop thinkin back on if we were to go in debt or if we were to have a child and things really got so complicated just when we're on top of things. Idk, I guess I just have to really adjust myself and believe in my partner.

Thanks for reading this long rant!


p.s. advice and wisdom welcomed!