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Jan 31, 2013
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Hey everyone, I'm Maria. 

I apologize if this thread is in the wrong category, it seemed appropriate to me. 

I'm a old returning makeup enthusiast and have been learning all about the newest makeup products, styles, and trends since I last wore full makeup about five years ago (have always worn just mascara and liner, sometimes lip stick). I'm loving it and enjoying trying lots of new things, especially eye shadow!

I have redish blond hair and fair to very fair skin. I am finding that some of the neutral palettes I'm trying don't really look that great on me. They come off looking too orange, too dark, or just not natural and pleasing. I have tried several Revlon and Covergirl quads, Wet n' Wild 8 color palette in Comfort Zone (my favorite so far), and even Sonia Kashuk's Eyes On Neutral.

I prefer not to have to spend my limited cash on high-end (though I would LOVE to if I could!) and am looking for a good balance of matte to pearlescent shades, as too much glitter and shimmer doesn't blend so great with my pale skin. 

Help! Any and all information would be greatly appreciated! 

You probably have cool undertones so the warm tones are clashing. If you are looking for something specific I would say go for a cooler toned neutral set like Milani's Runway Palette in Designer Browns. I really love these and I am cool toned as well. Available at most drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, etc.

If you want to try something with more shadows I suggest purchasing a neutral palette like the one from BH Cosmetics. There is a huge array of neutral colors that you can mix, match, lighten and darken with and it won't break the bank. Available on the BH Cosmetics site.

Thanks for telling..

I also used dat and its the best kit for me.

When I first started doing makeup undertones were the most difficult thing for me to see, so to the paint store I went and picked up a blue, yellow and a grey when I hold these colors up to anything I can instantly see the undertone. Pick up a grey before you go shopping when you see harmony you know you have a cool tone that will work on your skin tone.

Those are great suggestions and I love the colors in the Milani pallet you pictured. thank you very much.


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