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Nov 28, 2004
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Do any of you have any dream creams/bases/what have you to ensure that your eye shadow doesn't crease and/or lasts a long time? I seem to have the WORST trouble keeping eye shadow on! I guess my lids are too oily?

I would appreciate any tips or products you can recommend! Thanks.

Two words:

Primer Potion!!

Urban Decay makes it, and your e/s will stay put all day long if you use it!!

I believe I posted about it in the makeup forum.

i love Lorac's Neutralizer for Lips & Eyes. makes my e/s stay put for 10+ hours.

I love MAC Paints. You can use them on their own or as bases. I always apply Bare Canvas paint under my eyeshadows & i can be guaranteed they'll stay put for 8 hours at least! And the paint's last for ages because you only need a tiny amount

If you don't want to splash out on anything just yet, you should dab a little concealer on your lids before applying the eyeshadow, then once you're finished your eyeshadow application, dust with some loose powder. VOiLA

I use L'oreal decrease because it's a lot less expensive than other bases and my shadows now last all day when without base, they would be gone within an hour. I definately am a fan of this product. There are better ones, but I like that this is so cheap

everyone seems to love UD primer potion, but its not for me.

besides an e/s base, you can apply your e/s wet with either water or visine. it also helps to pack the shadow on in a patting motion instead of a sweeping brush motion. frost and satin shadows stay on longer than matte shadows.

I have very deep set eyes, you can't even see my eyelids when my eyes are open! Plus my skin (including my lids) is pretty oily. So without any sort of base my eyeshadow and eyeliner are gone in an hour! (Or rather, it's all in one big clump in the crease of my eye!)

However I found an inexpensive solution that seems to work with me -- I put a thin layer of foundation on my eyelids (not too much or it will get all greasy and stuff!) and then a thin layer of regular loose face powder, then apply the eyemakeup on top of the powder. I've tried a few brands of foundation and powder and I use Maybelline Expert Eyes eyeshadow, and it always seems to work! (I did my own makeup for my wedding, and this technique made my eye makeup last all day -- I have pictures to prove it!

On days when I'm in a hurry, I apply only powder to my lids and then put only eyeliner on (no shadow). That also makes it last all day -- when I used to wear only eyeliner with no base, it also came off within an hour due to my deep-set eyes!

Thanks for all the replies, ladies!

I'll definitely have to try some of those out; it will now just be a matter of deciding which one(s)!!

Thanks again.

I like Clinique's "Touch Base for Eyes"... it comes in soft muted shades that will alone enhance eyes... (It's only a touch different than flesh toned, so it's not an eyeshadow) But this seems to keep me from getting a line of color in the creases mid-day.


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