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Dec 29, 2012
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HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so this actually happened tonight. There's this guy I like and he asked me out-only problem is he went out with my BFF and now she HATES HIM! He had told her that he liked me and she asked me if I like him so I said no but I really like him! And this is our second day going out so i was gonna tell her and i texted her and said "Confession time I really do like Jordan... (thats his name) Are you mad???" She said she was kool with me liking him cause she's crushin' on my ex-boyfriend as long as i don't go out with him. CHOICE A: Stay with Jordan CHOICE B: Break up with him PS I am also mad at her cause she's been hanging out with prissy girls and turning into a princess.... And neglecting her BFF!!!!!!! The girl she's hanging out with all the time came over to her house and she sent me a pic of them both and asked "Do we look alike?" and sent the same pic later on in the evening and asked the same thing }:^(