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Jan 2, 2021
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Hi guys, this is my first posting on this forum. My name is Eline, I've been looking to get to know new people who are also makeup addicts and this seemed the place to be! I get a lot of questions over on instagram about how I take my pictures and decided to share my tips with you guys. Your tips are also appreciated! I love to improve as well.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Ringlight - it has a range of 3200k - 5500k, can be dimmed, works with batteries or an adapter, ⌀ 45cm
  • Handmirror
  • Gorilla pod (Selfies)
  • Use the back camera, not the selfie cam because the quality isn't as good.
  • Use a voice command to take the picture, most smartphones have this option, makes it a lot easier to take the pic. (no cramped hands, HOORAY!)
  • Using a gorilla pod allows you to place your hands around your face to make the pic a bit more interesting, try it out! (Selfies)
  • Don't have a ringlight? Go stand near a large window!
Is it worth getting a ringlight? I'd say definitely.
Why? The quality of my pics drastically changed for the better. You can see the comparison on my IG (mortier.eline) if you scroll down a bit. I place the ringlight about the same height as my forehead so it's not in front of me, I feel like I a lose a lot of detail if I do.
I also use a handmirror to see what's happening on my screen. So I get an idea if my eye is centered.

My most loved apps are snapseed and VSCO, they have amazing filters and you can touch up little things like fallout with snapseed.

I hope this thread was useful and I can't wait to hear your feedback!

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