AHHH, I tried to highlight my hair, and

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Jun 12, 2004
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When everything was done, I went to brush my hair and basically only the hair that got highlighted fell out. The cap was hard to use first of all and yanking my hair through the hole's didn't help. The cap got stuck on my head and I had to cut it off. Going through all that was enough. Then to have them basically fall out and I basically have 0 highlights now. There are a few now, but sporadic. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else here?

Not to me personally, but I think you might have either used too strong volume of peroxide .. or maybe left it on for too long for your hair type. Cap highlighting is also stressful on strands - from all the pulling. But I would definitly treat your hair with TLC for awhile and would not highlight for at least a few months. Most often, hair falling out is either from trauma to the roots or if it is severly damaged. Be gentle with it... and eventually it will be back to normal... just try a calming cream when you start getting regrowth and the new short hairs start growing in... sometimes they stick up. Good luck!