Ahhhh! Notepad!!!!!

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Dec 28, 2006
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Remind me never ever ever to enter in the notepad contest again.

I have developed THREE sets of graphics for the thing. Finally settled on one and created a layout in the past two hours. It's on geocities atm because I cannot upload it here. I am still making things to add.

I. am. going. INSANE!

Someone save me!!!!


While it's good for my graphic making skillz....I'm going crazy! I've done a LITERAL notepad layout, like scratched notes on wadded up bits of paper. I've done pink and fluffy. And then black/pink/white/elegant.


I want to know WHO told me about notepads in the first place. Because whichover one of you it was, you are responsible for creating a monster. MONSTER I SAY! Monsters bite!

And I love you all but I will bite!

lol. Who needs a break? Paperflowers needs a break! time for some coffee and a cookie. Actually, maybe not coffee. Who knows what the caffiene would do, LOL.

Cant wait to see the notepad chicken. Keep on keeping on!

Coffee? I don't need coffee!

I had it. About 7 cups today, I only slept for like four hours last night and my classes today went from 9 until about like what 1 straight or something like that. I didn't even go to bed until 4:30.

I do not need coffee or diet coke because i am on my third diet coke of the day too!

*Gets a belt and goes to find Kee...*

<.< I need help! >.>

Jesus...I do need to go back to making more graphics. I sound cracked out!

But if you've made several layouts, how will you choose from all of them? I would love to see your work!

I did! The layout up now was the second one I designed!!!!!

-_- /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

*pops belt at Kee*

There are now FIVE folders on my computer "Notepad layout A" "Notepad layout B" etc etc etc.


Though I gotta admit. 6 more days. I know my new layout is better than the first. I'll be a pro at this after this competition finishes.

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif ROTFLMAO @ the popping of the belt at Kee!!
She should know by now that that stuff will just turn me on


Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I laughed so hard at that!!! Kee, you are so silly!!
What, you think I'm kidding? Haven't you read *any* of my posts in the adult forum?? lmao! I kid, I kid!! Or . . . do I? HA!
At least you were able to figure out how to position things. Mine looks eh, but it could be really good if I could figure out the layout thing.

:::Checking Paperflowers' notepad now:::

Hahaha i cna't 'ause now i have to entertain you all.

And Kee why do you think I selected a belt? Eh? I know you! :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Sex forum there we go.

wtf omg it posted twice. iam not that drunk damnit!


Oh lord I was hyper when I posted this thread. *blush* But it doesn't matter! I defeated the evil notepad king and emerged with a new notepad!


It looks great. Good job!! I didnt know your "real" name before. Your are only the 2nd Lorianne I've ever known. I have a cousin in N.C. with the same name.

Well, honey, if you just HAAAAVE to design a notepad, girl, you can totally hook a makeup sister up. I LOVE pink and green & makeup..you can do the rest...LMAO

I was just checking out your Notepad layout and I think it's really cute. You've done a great job.

What is the Notepad contest? I haven't heard about this yet.

I totally will. Just tell me like what kind of banners and stuff you want and I can create something up. *shrug*

Better than working on my thesis anyway.

Originally Posted by PaperFlowers /img/forum/go_quote.gif I totally will. Just tell me like what kind of banners and stuff you want and I can create something up. *shrug*
Better than working on my thesis anyway.

You totally rock!!!
Whatever you do I know it'll be fly!