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Jul 20, 2012
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Hi everyone newbie here

I am hoping to purchase an airbrush system soon it is for my own personal use only

I want to be able to use any makeup brand that is for airbrushes in my airbrush so kett, occ and anything else I fancy

luminess told me i could not use another make up brand in thiers and kett said i could use any brand in theres so long as it was for an airbrush so my mind was made up i was going for the kett but then i came across this

sparmax at £200 it works out cheaper than the kett one although still not as cheap as luminess

so if you have read all this so far thankyou for your time my question is can you recommend any other airbrush machines preferably under £200

has any one used sparmax and is it any good

are luminess really being truthful with me about using other products in thier machine they were pretty rude tbh and that alone puts me off a company.

thankyou for any help


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