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Sep 20, 2012
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Hi I am new to this site and to airbrushing! I am just a consumer, not a MUA. I was wondering which system to get for myself. I am so confused! I also want to find out if there are classes near me to take on airbrushing for the regular people! thanks

I'm using the Luminess system right now and it's already put together and it's super easy to use. For the every day consumer it might be an option to look into.

I read a lot of bad stuff about it so thats what made me confused! lol  dinair is also put together right?  can you use any airbrush makeup in the system>   also  another stupid question    cant you use a regular airbrush machine with any makeup? or is it completely different??? 

I don't own a Dinair so I'm not 100% sure but I think it is. Right now I'm using - well testing - the Luminess one. Do I recommend it? No. Not because it's bad or anything but because I can't recommend something I haven't compared to another brand.

So to answer some of your questions.

can you use any airbrush makeup in the system

Any airbrush makeup can be used in any airbrush system. I'm using Luminess' foundations along with Obsessive Compulsive's and I just ordered MAC Pro's airbrush foundations (which anyone can order over the phone from MAC or buy in a free standing MAC from what I've been told).

cant you use a regular airbrush machine with any makeup? or is it completely different???

You can but it WILL clog the airbrush unless you thin it down (I've been told how but I can't recall the product recommended to me). Airbrush foundation is very, very thin compared to normal foundation.

Go with Dinair. I have Luminess also, the makeup coverage to me is not as good as Dinair... AND Luminess makeup is ridiculous for the amount you get and price.

one more quesiton     what i meant in earlier coversations was can i use any airbrush machine     like one an artist or nail salon uses?  does it have to be made for makeup   thanks

That's a good question and one I don't have an answer to. I don't know what PSI most nail airbrush compressors use but if it's around the same as in makeup then all you would need is the feed gun since that might be different. Again, to be honest I don't know for sure. Hopefully one of our pro MUA who uses more professional airbrushes will be able to tell you.


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