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Jun 8, 2005
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Has anyone bought her kit? I'm interested in buying her video so that I know how to achieve her looks with my own makeup.

there was a thread on this topic,but some of the girls thought her look was slutty.i personally like her look and think of it as glamorous
i havent tried the kit but the infomercial really makes you want it when you see what she does with some women.i think you can buy the video on ebay,and some girls thought that if you use her technique with your own makeup ,that it would work the same as in buying her kit!

Originally Posted by spazbaby Is she the one who does the cat eye look? yeah. she does pam anderson's makeup i think.
Originally Posted by Liz yeah. she does pam anderson's makeup i think. ok yeah i've seen her on an infomercial or something w/ pam anderson.
i know i would look like a weirdo even if a pro did cat eyes on me. I have a low hairline (and therefore low eyebrows) so i don't have enough lid to do a look like that.


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