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Nov 23, 2007
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Any reviews on the MAD products. Just ordered a couple of items from them. Is this any good?

You mean Mad Minerals ?? Those are really good products. Barbie has great eyeshadows, and I really like their foundation. Currently they have a sale, so you can make a great deal.

I mostly buy their pigments and gel eyeliners. I really like this brand. The eyeshadow samples in jars will last you a long time, they are really generous and you usually get about two other free samples to try colors, which normally you would never tried, and I have to admit it works for me. When it come to full sizes, the jars are really packed and you will use your eyeshadows for at least couple of years.

Mad's eyeshadows are a great value. The matte shadows goes on smooth and look very soft. The samples will last forever and the full size will probably last until I am too old to even worry about makeup.......which won't be until I am at least 95. LOL

I ordered her samples a few months ago and i really really like her stuff(eyeshadows).

I hear she is running a sale and I just might have to order more.


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