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Nov 30, 2007
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I was getting some information together for a friend of my sister who is interested in trying out some of these other MMU brands (I think she uses BE now). So, I took pictures of all of my samples, and I thought I'd share them here. I put in a quarter for size reference.

Ok, I was going to put the pics in this post, but they're huge, so here are links to them on photobucket:


Free Sample Kit + 1 purchased sample of concealer. Total cost w/ s/h = $6.30.


Sample Kit ($6.00) & various other samples. Total cost w/ s/h = $14.00.


Rare Earth (equivilant of BE Rare Minerals), a sample foundation, and eyeshadow: Chocolate. Total cost w/ s/h = $35.87 (I got the big Rare Earth, which was $22).


Free Sample Kit, large empty jar w/ sifter, and Premium Foundation Brush ordered (not in this pic, but in another one below). Total cost w/ s/h = $13.14.


These aren't samples, but I figured I'd include pics anyway.

My sample haul:

The brush is EDM's Premium Foundation Brush, which I absolutely LOVE. I was having a really hard time with putting too much foundation on and that brush helps me control my application. Rather than buffing, it's almost as though I'm painting a nice thin layer on. I didn't find the buffing of the kabuki to be very appealing.

All of my MMU (I've been doing way too much shopping!!!):

My BE is in there on the right. I got all of it from different sellers on eBay.

All of these companies shipped fast...I got every single order before I expected. The eBay companies took FOREVER to ship my BE stuff, so it has been a breath of fresh air to buy directly from the people who make these products. The customer service has been great as well.

I hope this helps anyone who was wondering what is in the sample kits, and what the sizes are.



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