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Jun 8, 2006
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Okay. I have been having a problem that I absolutely cannot fix. I have a battery for my car with the terminals, obviously. Well, the wire with that metal connector for the positive and negative terminals would be fine, if the positive "connector" would actually stay put on my positive terminal -- however, it doesn't happen. I have had it tightened numerous times, by my friends, my brother, my brothers friends, car servicemen, etc. Just the other day it was tightened yet again, and now it is loose. This time, it takes a long time for it to actually stay put. Jiggling it around to find a spot where it sticks is becoming more of an issue than ever before. I have cleaned the terminals, and the same problem still happens. I have no idea what I can do for this problem.

I hope I have been clear! If you have any idea, any help is much appreciated.

Go to autozone and buy a new battery clip/lock. Also, ask them for this goo like thing to put on there to prevent battery leakage. It just seems like you've worn out the connector that is already there. I recommend changing both of them. At this point, tightening them will do nothing since the insides are already stripped.

They are uber cheap too.

GL and hope that helps.

All you need to do it go to WalMart and have them install a new battery terminal end for you. I know.....cause I work there. It should cost you under $10 depending on which terminal end they have to use.

We do it all of the time.

Originally Posted by Tony(admin) /img/forum/go_quote.gif Dang Saje, is there anything you don't know?
LOL hehe
I'd say the same thing, or just get a new battery

Yeah I dont know a lot of things ... usually I wander around as I am pretty clueless. I just get lucky from time to time.


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