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Apr 7, 2005
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I am not sure if anyone has tried these new eye color coordinated shades. I have light brown/hazel eyes (not blue green.) The color selection does really bring out the eye color, but the shadow is late 70's frosty to the max. Not a good look on my 37 year old fair eyelids. The color palette looks like neopolitan ice cream. There is a strawberry frosty pink, a light chocolate brown, and a vanilla. Interestingly enough, I wore these colors as a teen and thought they looked great on me. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to a comparable color palette in matte form.

Any suggestions from ladies with light brown/hazel eyes?



That was very interesting. I like Almay's makeup too. Mabe you could try Brown or Purple or Copper on your eyes.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do like purple in eggplant type color, brown looks like mud on my eyes unless it is the right shade, and copper although pretty makes my eyes look even redder unless I have used Visine for the day.

Originally Posted by Pauline That was very interesting. I like Almay's makeup too. Mabe you could try Brown or Purple or Copper on your eyes.

I bought the kit for brown eyes and I'm not crazy about it. But I'd glad its working for you. Maybe you can post a photo of your eyes done in the shades?

My eyes are probably the same color as yours. I use the almay inense i-color. I've been using the pink,brown,tan one for about 6 yrs. I think the eyeshadow with purple is for brown eyes. I never did like that one. I found it made people look tired or had allergies. Recently I wanted a change because people thought my eyes were brown and I wanted to bring out the green more in my eyes. So I bought the new eyeshadow for hazel eyes, the one with the green,black,white. At first I didn't like it but after I figured out a good way to put it on I love it. I asked my boyfriend if the green in my eyes showed and he told me it did. What I did was put the green heavy on my eye lid only. Then I took the white and brushed that on from my lid to my eyebrow and the corners of my eyes and nose. Finally I put the black on the other corners of my eyes. It always helps to play with your makeup and put it on different ways until you feel good about what it looks like.