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Jun 11, 2005
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I really like this look on Amanda. It's like a feminine take on menswear...very cute, LOVE the shoes. Not sure about it being buttoned all the way up, I would have liked to see a bit of cleavage...heheh.
I like the bottom half, but not so much the top half. The top half makes her look like a nun.

Actually the opposite of luxotika. I love the top half, not the bottom. I recon she would have looked so much hotter with tight skinny jeans or something.

agreed. Love the shoes, need a little more cleavage. I think it looks quite cute

Totally agree with you Amanda, love this outfit but id love it more if i could see more cleavage, if i was the one wearing it i would definitely leave it unbuttoned at the top to show some, even though im pretty much flat LOL

Looks good on her. Buttoned down shirt with hair loose would hae been better.


I love it, but ITA it could use a little more sex appeal. A little cleavage, sexy tousaled waves, smokey eyes, maybe a couple key jewelry pieces.


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