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Nov 23, 2007
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Do you like it? Do you wear it?

I love big retro necklaces and rings, but also - "pure", uncut pieces (but they can cost A LOT, unfortunately).

My collection is not big, but my wish-list... Uhhh.

So, any amber lovers?

I don't wear it, but I would.. I think to be honest, that with my style, it will suit me better when I'm older, it will fit in better with my personality later on if that makes sense.

my mum has a massive amber necklace she bought overseas in the 1970s, it's gorgeous, and I would wear it but I'm not sure I could pull the look off right now. I havent really tried. I might give it a go

Yes, I think that what we are wearing depends mostly on the personality, not the age.

I'm 22, my favourite style is 20s and 30s, and amber just fits in

I love amber, but at the moment I only have 1 amber pendant, I plan on getting more though.

I'm also 22 and I know that as I get older, I'll start to favour black (I already do now more than a few years ago!) and I really like black and amber together...

I agree that it is definately a personality thing! plus I think amber is a very soft type of jewel (LOL, I know it's not a jewel like a stone, but you know what I mean!) and so it really suits older women.

Diamonds can look very hard and cold on older ladies, whereas amber doesnt.

For me it is a combination of age and personality - it really comes into it's own on older ladies and could look very sexy on the right young person, for sure!

i have a silver ring with a small amber piece in the middle, very cute. i like amber, but the real one i agree costs money.

Originally Posted by pinksugar /img/forum/go_quote.gif I'm also 22 and I know that as I get older, I'll start to favour black (I already do now more than a few years ago!) and I really like black and amber together... See, I wear almost only black (and grey)
And yes, even though black is considered to be "cold" colour, the combination of black clothes and amber is very soft and warm

Diamonds... not for me, definitely (and here starts - or will start - my problem with choosing engagement ring

Ok, so... Here's part of my small collection, I've got also some black amber stuff.

(I know the quality is not the best, sorry.)

My mum wears Amber, I like it and I would wear some of it with the right outfit.

I adore amber! My favorite piece right now is from my boyfriend. He brought me a sterling silver ring with a lovely amber cabochon in the center.

My style is a begin with so it just fits.

I love amber.My husband went to Vegas the first week we were together (pre-planned) he bought me an amber ring from the Luxor.It was so pretty and the stone was dome shaped.I loved that ring...and I broke the crap out of the bloody thing! We went to Vegas last November and tried to buy another,but the shop in that casino relocated to Henderson.Bimmer..

I love Amber especially ones with bugs and pieces of plants in them!!

I have some amber pieces. I have a huge rectangle pendant that my mom got me for my birthday one year. It's cool to me bc it's so earthy.


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