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Feb 17, 2004
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Here are the results of the Top Model tv show on UPN. If you do not want to know the winner yet and have not seen the show, be warned...











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<!-- TextStart -->By Sarah Hall Losing 50 pounds definitely paid off for Yoanna House.

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E! Online Photo </CENTER>

</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER></TD><TD width=5> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>The formerly hefty 23-year-old babysitter from Jacksonville, Florida was crowned the winner of America's Next Top Model Tuesday night by show creator and supermodel Tyra Banks.

House triumphed over runner-up, Mercedes Shorte-Scelba, who the judges ultimately deemed "too commercial," and third-place finisher, Shandi Sullivan, who was accused of falling apart too easily under pressure.

House had long dreamed of a career in high fashion, but was hindered by her less-than-slender figure. She hired a personal trainer, lost weight and earned a Top Model berth.

At 5 feet, 11 inches and 134 pounds, a slimmed-down House had the right proportions to wow the panel of judges composed of various fashion industry personalities.

However, the win didn't come easily for House. In a final photo shoot, she panicked about the way her hair looked under a motorcycle helmet and hacked away at it with a razor.

The resulting effect was less than desirable and required emergency touchups from onsite professionals.

Later, House broke one of her high heels backstage at a runway fashion show and was forced to strut on the catwalk in ill-fitting shoes that--gasp!--didn't even match her outfit.

Throughout the show, House was forced to deal with criticism from judges such as catty former supermodel Janice Dickinson, who pointed out that despite her weight loss, House's midsection wasn't as trim as it could be.

But in the end, none of it mattered--House was awarded top honors by Banks, who warned the fashion industry at large to "hold on tight because Yoanna is about to rock their world."

House's winnings include a contract with IMG Models, a spread in Jane magazine and a Sephora catalogue cover.

The second season of Top Model brought new challenges for Banks, including the editing of steamier scenes to make content more family appropriate. (Hence the trimming of the infamous orgy episode.)

Orgy or no, Top Model earned monster ratings for UPN, and the network has reupped Banks for a third season. Casting for the next round of fashionista wannabes is currently underway.

I knew Yoanna was going to win..Betcha Shandy the ho wishes she were on good terms with the BF now:p LOL

I thought it was going to be Shandy. But gosh, Yoanna is soooo much better! They all seemed to like Shandy-- go figure. She was sooo mean to her boyfriend. They can all get pretty catty too. Woah. I was glad for Joanna because she wanted it most. But I thought April was so cute. I wish she would have stayed.

LOL at "Shandy the ho" hahahhaha. You crack me up. High 5's. Her boyfriend gave her all this attention and support and she slept with some dork. I don't get it. Her boyfriend was so sweet!

Originally Posted by allisong I knew Yoanna was going to win..Betcha Shandy the ho wishes she were on good terms with the BF now:p LOL
I think Yoanna had more of the "model" look.She was so much more versatile then the others... and Bob Bless her for losing all that weight and working so hard to get there..Stone the skeezer..Long Live the Yomeister

Yoanna? am I the only one who liked Mercedes better?? I totally thought Mercedes did better in the last episode, she wasn't freaking out nearly as much as Yoanna. But that's just my 2cents.

I wonder if Shandi's bf has dumped her yet

I liked Mercedes better too but I think Yoanna was more "trained" to be a model and she was also hugely into fashion so the judges picked her. I think it's great that Yoanna worked so hard towards becoming a model and lost all the weight. I just wonder if she has some eating disorder now as result of all the weight loss since they were hinting about it in that one episode. I think Mercedes did way better in the last episode too. Yoanna has the perfect model face but I don't think overall she was as good as Mercedes.

April was my favorite. But I do not think you have to be necessarily pretty to be a fashion model. I guess you need to be striking in some way, tall and thin. Yoanna photographed very well. Shandy was all over the place in life and on the set, and they hated Mercedes's attitude. Yoannw took the most criticism which makes me wonder if they'd already picked her out long ago and were trying to toughen her up. I'll bet you that Shandy's beau took her back. He's extremely in love and I could tell already that he'd forgiven her. I hope they don't marry because it will be a mistake.


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