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Nov 24, 2011
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Buffalo, NY
Has anybody ever bought from this catalog?

They carry a mix of off-brands and department-store standards, often limited-edition overstock and tester bottles of fragrance missing their caps, at a significant discount. Accessories, shoes and assorted gewgaws and doodads are sprinkled throughout the pages. You can save a bundle if these are the kinds of products that you like...and if you like telemarketing calls, oh BOY are you in for a treat!

I am convinced that the Amerimark family of companies (Beauty Boutique, Anthony Richards, Carol Wright, Dr. Leonard's) are not so much in it for cheap beauty items and potholders as much as they are in calling ostensibly to follow up on order satisfaction; then move in to sell variously ID theft and credit card security service, a prescription savings plan or other similar services.

You get a "$50 value!!!" coupon package shoved at you and asked to verify the last four of your credit card, which apparently serves as a sort of verbal signature authorizing the company to take $29.95 per month out. It's very sneaky and slimy and seems to be tailor-made to the shut-in old ladies who tend to buy from these catalogs.

I have not been taken myself, but I remember being a home-care aide back in the day for people who were getting their bank accounts hosed from such monthly "savings clubs" and things. I had not purchased from Amerimark in years until a friend asked me to order him some musk oil; this past week my phone has been going crazy until I picked it up and tried talking around the aggressive pitch and the woman who kept interrupting me when I told her repearedly I have fraud protection ("But we give you FREE COUPONS!")

If you like and can use the Beauty Boutique products, have fun with them, but please beware of the sales pitch!