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Oct 23, 2006
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Aubrey Nicole has fragrances now (I got a sample sniffer strip in with my order) and some popular ones that I like. Has anyone tried them out? They are pretty inexpensive so I may have to order soon. Wondering if the scents lasts all day.

Yeah I have tried them, they are nice. However, it lasting all day really depends on your body chemistry. It lasts on me nicely, though.

I got a sample of the Envy Me. It was a little tester strip but it looked to be loaded with the fragrance oil. It was in a baggie. I wiped it on my neck and wrists and went out that night! LOL! It lasted all evening and smelled amazing. It's still wet with oil today (day 3) and I used it again this morning - I can still smell it tonight. I'm defintely getting this one and maybe the Be Delicious - I love that scent too.