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Jun 11, 2005
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A week or so back I posted a pic of Brad Pitt "working" on a construction site in all white...Well here's Angie on her way to Iraq wearing all white??? Are they in some kind of cult?? I've seen these people in Berkeley. It just seems a bit weird to me, not many people wear all white....ever. Even their shoes are white...Any thoughts??



Dunno, maybe they just like feeling...clean? lol

she looks so yuckily skinny btw :S

Originally Posted by Aprill849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif LOL she gots no booty!!!
u're right!
i dunno.. i wear all white sometimes.. but i sure have a whole lot of more booty than she does!

Maybe they're doing it to be more visible when they have some kind of official appearance? Good question.

On Angie maybe it's an attempt to look less thin. She's looked underweight since she lost her mother.

Angelina's shirt looks almost cream to me, but still... I can't even bother wearing white cause I know stains will just "jump" right on!

Originally Posted by BeautifullyMADE /img/forum/go_quote.gif It's mighty funny that you pointed out how they coincidently are wearing all-white all the time
... Are Bradelina Jewish? I found this article on the Internet Wearing White - Yom Kippur That is a really good observation.
i remember back in high school, there is a counselor that wears all white everyday. it turns out that it is because of his religion.

It's weird that they're wearing all white. I unno maybe for sanitary reasons, my mom has to wear all white to work!?


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