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Apr 20, 2004
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I just find it hard to like anything about this woman, no class what so ever. I saw her on TV the other night being interviewed, they showed footage about her verrrrry strange behavior at some awards thing, she can make up all the excuses she wants about why she acts the way she does, but there is nooooo doubt in my mind that she is still using, they showed a close up of her during the interview and her pupils were huge, her speech was so slurred I could hardly understand her, I just thought that at any moment her eyes are gonna roll up into the back of her head and she is gonna pass out like a rock. She just reminds me so much of an old friend of mine who died last April from a drug overdose, very sad.
I watch her show once cause there was NOTHING else on.. It was the one just after she lost all her weight and was going to walk the catwalk for the first time in years I guess. I have decided after wasting a half hour that one---I feel really sorry for her dog--Her lawyer lives off her and her only--You can so tell!! And that is nothing that isn't trashy about the way she acts, the way she talks and just the way she is all over. She gives blondes even fake blondes a really bad name!!
The crap she got away with was just amazing!! Yeah and on top of it all she looked like she was taking something and it wasn't no diet pill either..Next time it ever happens that there is nothing but her show to watch??..I'm going to go outside and watch their snails do their thing. I'm sure it will be better than her and just as slow!

I watched the same show too and I couldn't believe how out of it she was. I heard that she was totally on something during the American Music Awards show too. I didn't see her on stage but apparently it was REALLY bad. She could hardly talk. I think it's sad that she keeps doing that to herself. No class.

NOT. i really feel sorry for her son & think she needs some serious help.