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Jun 22, 2004
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ok, so i'm obsessed w/bags, but here's one i need opinions on. i'm searching for a green bag & am intrigued by this one. not sure if wanna do the whole floral thing (so passe), but it's better than wearing it on my blazer or sweater.


any & all opinions are welcome. eithe enable me or kill this odd lemming.

I'm not a huge green fan so i wouldn't wear this.. Sorry! Others might like it though

I think it is really cute and unique! I've never seen this design on a bag before, so I would give it a shot if you like it! Does it come in any other colors? Who makes it?

I like the design of the shape of the bag - the flower I could learn to live with... but I'd go w/ another color for myself - I'm with Laura, not a "green" kinda girl.

the maker is Inge Sport & is available @ they come in these colors for the large tote:


(only brown's on sale)



the smaller tote comes in black, green & this camel:


thanks Laura. i don't know why i'm so drawn to the color, but perhaps it's b/c i'm bored of my standard brown & black.

thanks Janelle. i think i could learn to live w/the flower, but i'm still on the fence w/the green. i have a read, black & brown bag, which is probably why i'm so drawn to the green.

I hear ya'... I try so hard to "colorize" my world, yet I still seem to have a million black & tan bags! LOL (well, maybe 2 tan and 999,998 black! LOL
) And yet, out of the ones above... I'd STILL go with the black & tan! LOL

I've never liked that color of green (clothes in that color look bad with my skin tone) but I think the style is cute -- and I usually don't like those flowers on clothes!

wish i had this bag it's so cute cute cute

Originally Posted by Girlie Girl Gawd, I just l love this one! The little flower is so hot
I am liking the bag in red! :icon_love HOT! I think that you could get used to the flower. it is just unusual at first, but the more i see it, the more i like it. and you can absolutely rock this bag!

but i believe that it will be on sale pretty fast. I don't know, just feeling. I would wait a little bit more.

I like it,its cute.

I tend to always buy really vibrant bags,probably cos I dont wear very colourful clothes.

I love the colors of the bags but am not crazy about the flower. Wonder if you could take it off

I like green, but not a huge fan of this bag for some reason... its just kind of blah to me even though it's different :-


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