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Nov 26, 2005
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i was wondering if you could give me some suggestions w/o going to the salon on how i can color over my highlights which have grown out alot with a dark ash blonde color, but i don't want it to have the ashy look, just not bring out the gold in my hair, which is also dk. blonde. i put a wash out color on it about 2 months ago, it was a med. ash blonde, so it did permanently lighten my natural hair some. or maybe i should do it in a med. ash blonde. i want my hair to be just a little lighter than my natural dk golden blonde(they said it was #6), but w/o the gold.

Don't use gold, red or warm tones to dye your hair - adds golden tones

Don't use an ash colour as you want to get away from ash tones.

Therefore, consider a dark neutral blond if you want to colour over your highlights. Your hair will stay around the same colour without making it goldy or ashy.

Hope my advice helps

thanks, i put a natural dk. blonde on my hair last yr., it all looked good except for on the very top of my head, it looked lighter and golden, weird. but thank you, i wonder what would happen if i mixed neutral and ash together.

I mix a neutral with a warm to get the right colour I want.

If you mix a neutral with an ash you would get a nice soft colour but not dulling like just an ash could be.

I definately think you're on the right track.

great, thanks a bunch.


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