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Nov 29, 2004
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This may seem like a dumb question, but how often do you need to clean them? And how many times can they be cleaned before needing to be replaced. I only started using brushes about a year and a half ago...before then, I used the applicators that came with the products (never again!)

industry people say 1x/week, but i think it depends on how much you use them. since i seldom find myself using e/s lately, i wash them every other week. if i'm sick, i wash it immediately to prevent any germs (eye & lip brushes) from recycling themselves.

i wash all of mine once a week with whatever shampoo im using for my hair. i take a dab of shampoo in my palm, wet the brush, and rub it in gentle circular motions. then i rinse, squeeze the water out, and drape the brush end over the sink to dry and let the air get to it from all sides.

in between washings, i rub the excess color out of the brushes with a tissue.

if you have quality brushes, theyll last for years. if the bristles start to break or shed, or the ferrule becomes wobbly, its time for a new brush.

To be honest, i only wash mine about once every 3/4 weeks. I don't use my eyeshadow brushes much anymore though because i've been having a problem with my eyes so eyeshadow is out of my make up routine most days now. I think it all depends on how much you use them. I'd say every 10days would be ok

i would like to chime in about brush off. this is all strictly my opinion, of course. at work, we have to clean the brushes with brush off because theres no time to wash them in between every customer. it does an ok job of removing makeup, as long as you liberally apply it and take the time to tissue out all of the powder. it seems to leave a greasy film on the bristles, and i wouldnt use it for my personal brushes. i believe that it disinfects properly, but i wouldnt recommend it in place of a good shampooing.

Halo, are you a make-up artist?? I never knew that, i thought you were a chef!! I'd love to work with make-up

im a commis chef (bottom of the ladder) because im not donw with my training, but right now im working at a place with, and thats all ill say about that. lol.

Originally Posted by laura127 Halo, are you a make-up artist?? I never knew that, i thought you were a chef!! I'd love to work with make-up