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Jan 3, 2006
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Well, it's been 12 days since we moved out of our apartment in a frenzy. We've been here in Black Duck Brook doing not much of anything. The dialup is horrible and I can't get online much so I mostly just watch TV and play Zuma lmao!! Yesterday we cleaned out the well and today we cleaned our roomies' aunt's well. Fun huh? lol! I got pics and vids but ofc, I can't upload them >:| Grr!!!

Yesterday after supper we went for a walk on the beach before the sun went down. We found some whale backbones and what looks like baby whale or dolphin bones. All but the head. Got pics of those too, but can't upload em =/ The computer situation is so weird here. I can't get net on MY computer, I CAN get net on Wes's but the modem is so crappy we only connect at 16-19kbps. I can use the computer out in the living room that belongs to my roomie's mom, but none of my pics are on this computer and it still only connects at 21-24 kbps.

I can't be online much today at all though because my roomie's grandma, who is 98 years old, took a fall the other day walking out of church and fractured her shoulder and broke her hip. So roomie's mom is in Corner Brook (2hrs away) at the hospital with her and we need the phone line open incase she calls. I hope everything goes well there.

On saturday we're finally Screeching Wes. We have almost all the required items, except a cod fish, which my husband needs to kiss full on the lips if he wants to be reconized as an "Honorary" Newfoundlander
Fun times
LOL! We're bascically going to have a traditional newfoundland "Kitchen Party". Wes has been learning some tunes in acoustic guitar so he can accompany my dad, who is a local fiddle player. There's be traditional jigs, reels and songs, booze, booze, booze and more booze and lots of friends and family. I just hoped everything goes as planned. We also have to find a person to preform the screeching ceremony. Basically Wes has to wear a Newfoundland "Sou'wester" (a yellow fisherman's hat), "hip rubbers" (thing high rubber boots) and anything else we can find that would be appropriate to wear. Those are the only two that are required, but we like to shake things up if we can
Maybe we'll find some of dad's old gloves and oilclothes from when he was a cod/lobster fisherman
Wes also has to say a few Newfoundland sayings, like "Long may yer big gib draw", "I's da b'y dat builds da boat", "Got to get me moose b'y" and "How's it goin' on ol' cocky?". Again, we'll prolly think of some more to add to it
What he needs to do is try to say these things with the right newfoundland accent. He has to say each one until every Newfoundlander present approves of his attempts. Finally, he has to take a shot of Newfoundland Screech (Rum). Not a lil' wussy shot, either, a NEWFIE shot! We'll prolly throw in a few other Newfoundland treats for him to eat or drink too
It's just more fun that way
In the end, if he survives the ceremony, he'll be presented with a T-Shirt that says "I've been Screeched in Newfoundland", a Newfoundland Flag and an official Certificate to prove he's been screeched
Now if that's not fun, I don't know WHAT is!
Anyone care to visit Newfoundland? We don't like to let people leave without a proper Screechin'

Anyway, so those are our plans for tomorrow night, and I'll be taking lots of videos and pictures! I won't be able to upload em until I go to Toronto or unless I visit a friend in Stephenville and use her high speed connection. I think this is a pretty long post, the net better not die when I click submit!!!

please god, ignore the typos! I have to view the forums in mobile mode and I don't have edit on it >.<

Oh, and the connection totally did die the first time I tried to post this thread, thank god for ctrl-C!!!

Hey Kee! Nice to hear from you. That screeching ceremony sounds like a blast! Please post photos when you are able to.

Glad your back online - if only on slooooooow dialup. That is all I have at work and at home!

I laughing at work - I read that Wes will wear only a hat and boots and nothing else!!!!!

Hi Kee. It is good to hear from you and it sounds like you will have a great time screeching which of course I had never heard of until you explained. How much longer to Toronto???? We are looking forward to having you back full-time. Have fun tomorrow night!!!!!

Aww, I hope you get a good connection soon Kee, you must be dying! You're usually on here like 24/7! OMG you better post pics of your Wes' Screechin, sounds so crazy. Take care Kee and have fun!

Originally Posted by StereoXGirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif It's good to hear from you, Kee!
Yea, our plans fell through last time. They better not fall through tonight too! I still have to find a codfish


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