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May 18, 2007
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Hey girls,

Does anyone know a good brow powder shade similar to the picture below? (for light brown hair/medium brown hair) ?  Currently using an old MAC 'brows' product that was discontinued.  Is anastasia any good?  Or can anyone recommend a MAC eyeshadow shade that would work? 

thanks in advance!

I really like Wet n' Wild's Ultimate Brow Kit. It looks similar to that, and it's only $3 or $4.

I am still using my Milani Brown Fix Kit. It has two tones of brown powder, one highlighters, two brushes and one set of tweezers. $6.99 on their site or you can buy it at CVS or other drugstores.

You could try Mystery from MAC (it's an eyeshadow), it looks similar to the picture.


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