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May 8, 2011
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I been thinking looking through this forum and people would ask me "Are you going to go back to school?" or if I plan to, and if so, what for..... however, I never have anything to say, and I brush it off.

But you know, with my interest in makeup and costume stuff (I know, different ballgame of makeup, but still, I want to know beauty).... I kind of sorta want to try going to school for it. I think it could be fun. If anyone here is attending a school in Massachusetts, do you mind telling me a bit about it?


- Does it offer on-campus rooms?

- - If it does, is co-ed allowed? (I have a female friend that, though I haven't talked to her about it, maybe she would have interest down the line too, and if we both were to go and stay on campus, would we be able to stay together?) **If you are stalking this post, you know who, not saying we are or would, just curious IF that ever came up.... if we attended, I would much rather you my roommate than a stranger. :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />**

- Where is the school located?

- Does the school have a known history of successful beauticians that have walked out the doors? (I know alot pass and get their papers, but I mean like..... big time stuff. Actress makeup and all that)

Any other info you can provide about the school would be fantastic.

Sorry if any of these are stupid questions. I seriously have never looked into college before....

In the end, the odds of me doing this are slim to none, but I just got to know and get student feedback.

Do your research on the internet, talk to some of the coordinators of the institutes. I am sure you will find all your answers.

I know Elizabeth Grady offers makeup courses (just makeup courses, not part of a larger cosmetic or esthetics license like most schools). Also there are a few celeb makeup artists in MA that offer classes, but of course, be prepared to schell out big bucks, and they aren't going to have a place for you to stay, you will have to travel. One is Debra Macki in Salem (she does workshops throughout the US all year long. Her classes are relatively small, so they fill up quickly. And I do believe she actually will use her student who have gone through the course to fill in as her makeup team when she's on set or at an awards show, etc). She does amazing work. There is also David Nicholas in Rowley, MA. He does really nice work and moved his makeup studio from Boston to Rowley a few years ago.

Be prepared, both of them are around $3000 for a one week workshop. David also offers private classes, but I don't know how much they are, I assume, probably pricey. I know people who have gone through Debra Macki's class and was told it is well worht the money.I have not done classes with either, so I can't give you an opinion about the classes.

I ended up looking online and a few places that weren't to expensive and also following some amazing artists on youtube. Not the same, but the basics are the basics, doesn't matter where you get those from. And practice, practice, practice. Try to put makeup on as many friends as possible to learn difference face and eye shapes, work on different skintones, and skin textures, etc.

If you are more into the theatrical side, check out MadeYewLook on youtube, she is completely self taught and is an amazing artist. That could be a good place for you to start and get some inspiration. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I've taken the Art of Makeup Course at Elizabeth Grady. I think you can do it during the day and at night but I went for a few months all day Saturday. I LOVED it - the instructor was amazing - the course was very professional. However, I will say I don't feel it gave me the practical training I need to feel more confident. And it isn't that comprehensive. I also noticed there were a number of things on the syllabus that weren't covered in class.

I've done a ton of research on this.  I'm established in my career as a Marketing Director but don't like it and would love to get into makeup. I've checked out schools like Empire Beauty School - but they barely cover makeup and focus mostly on hair. The people in the industry that I've asked say that you really don't need formal training you need experience. I've been advised by a bunch to try to get a job at a beauty counter - its the best way to learn and get practical experience. I can't do that because I have a bum ankle and can't stand for a long time. But that might be an option.

I've researched some of the beauty experts who offer those classes and they are just so expensive I can't dish that out for one week.

Makeup Forever runs a course for a week but its in NYC and runs around $1800.

I'm in the process of looking into an esthetics program at SpaTech. They cover makeup - though mostly skincare - and you can take your state boards to get licensed in MA after 300 hours. Which you don't need for makeup but I figure it can't hurt and it might give me more confidence and practical experience.

All that said - I agree that YouTube is an amazing way to learn things. I've learned so much from YouTube. Check out Pixiwoo, Jaclyn Hill.

I'm also reaching out to some area bridal MUA to see if I can intern or work for free for them as a way of gaining experience.



I am also considering Grady makeup course. Thanks for your feedback. I also saw that Bobbi Brown Emerson is similar to the grady course. Do you have any input on the comparison. 

How much did you end up spending on the tuition. You mentioned that you did only saturdays but course is on different days. how did you arrange only saturday . thank you 


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