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Feb 1, 2006
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Ever since I was bitten by that spider I feel lousy . I sleep 3-4 hours per afternoon sometimes to the point it is difficult to wake up. It's like my body is totally tired, lethargic. I feel drowsy, wobbly on my feet, nauseated. I figured the venom is running it's course. I am still on antibiotics, second week now. In the past I took these same antibiotics without any side effects. Maybe I am experiencing a reaction to the venom?

Anyways my neighbour is a nurse and she suggested I see a infectious disease specialist at the hospital. I would need a referral. I asked her why. She said you don't know what type of spider bit you and it sounds like it is affecting your system.

I am waiting this out, figure it will run its course.

The bite is still ugly looking, no rotting tissue, ulcer and other tiny ulcers have popped up close to the bite.

Just wondering if anyone has been to this type of doctor before?

I haven't been to one but I know a lot of them.

I never have but it sounds like you may need to seek some help from one.This has me worried because a good friend of mine was bitten by a brown recluse,but she didnt have the problems you are mentioning.

I'm in the same position as Thais! Mostly because i'm in the land of infectious diseases - we have a course on the Uni of 5 months just dealing with them.

But the nurse is absolutely right - if it wasn't the venom, another thing that not a 'common' bacteria could have entered in your system.

I was in my garden pulling weeds, reached down in between plants, felt something on my hand. Noticed a spider, felt a slight prick, shoved it off. Since the bite I have been feeling lousy.

I'm not sure what type of spider bit me. It looked beigey-brown. I was told we don't have brown recluse spiders in Canada but who knows.

I need a referral to see this specialist so I guess I will just head to the hospital ER, same hospital where the specialists are.


I headed to the hospital ER this morning where these specialists are located. The ER doctor took blood tests etc. It was determined I have a 'strange' bacterial infection. I have to go in for the next while, twice a day for antibiotics via IV. I mentioned the specialists and the doctor wants to wait to see how the antibiotics work first.


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