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May 13, 2005
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i took a picture this weekend and i looked like a freaked out bozo. hair totally flat on top and then doing some weird poking out thing on the sides. i was horrified! so i decided to take an inventory of the products i was using to get my desired style.

1 shampoo

2 types of conditioner

a moisturizer, then a

a silcone gel, then a

protein gel to smooth my edges

then another moisture gel for shine

and the last four steps i did everyday! today i went back to basics!

i still shampoo and condition, but today i only used my mositurizer and silicone gel. my hair feels 100% better and no bozo head!

has anyone else hair taken a stand against product overload? what did you drop from you regime and what did you keep! feel free to list brands and short cuts are always welcome!

There was a time when I did. Now I only wash and condition...spray a little leave in conditioner and let it dry. Mine is easier though cuz it's long and straight.

Nope. Not me anymore. I use aloe vera gel and coconut oil everyday, jojoba oil for my scalp, wash with CO, do an occasional Caramelizer and that's it. Doesn't go on strike and have spaz-out days like it used to.

um....i didn't cut out certain products

what i did is use certain products for certain mousse only when i'm making my hair curly....wax only to make my ends straight...etc. etc.

Try Pantene Clarifying shampoo/conditioner. It will get rid of all the buildup on your hair. Yuo only need to use it about once a week =)

I use a TON of product on my hair everyday to keep my style. Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo works wonders!!! Just leave it in for 5-10 minutes and it removes all product buildup, I use like once or twice a week.

Originally Posted by Retro-Violet /img/forum/go_quote.gif im trying to work on cutting mine god is it hard to do.

i hear you! my hair does feel much better, but it feels so light it's almost un-natural! i know that sounds weird, but it does take some getting use to!

Originally Posted by MamaRocks /img/forum/go_quote.gif Try Pantene Clarifying shampoo/conditioner. It will get rid of all the buildup on your hair. Yuo only need to use it about once a week =) i have a couple of pretty good shampoos that i alternate. dark & lovely peppermint and carol's daughter tui herbal. with the carol's daughter my hair gets squeaky clean the first washing. it just that all those products in my hair together was making it feel sticky even if i sweat a little. now it's soft and touchable. i get great bouncy, curls, too!
there was a time when i did, but now that my hair is healthy i dont use anything but shampoo,conditioner, a drop of shine serum which i dont even use that everyday, i might use hairspray every now and then if i curl my hair.