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Jan 20, 2004
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Firming Serum for Normal/Combinatin Skin


Tracie Martyn Firming serum

Antioxidants, detoxifying peptides and epidermal growth factors make this one of the most sought-after antiaging potions. $165/1 oz.;

Originally Posted by betterat40 And the site doesn't even list the actual ingredients. Just a baloney list. Whenever I see a product that won't even list the actual ingredients in the product - not general ingredient list - I think to myself "another rip-off"....and $165, too. They have no shame! I totally agree..I thought the same thing about Creme de la Mer..this is all the rage amoungst the stars right now
Originally Posted by Kage_sCupotea Just a wee bit costly, eh? Yikes! It had better stop the aging process altogether for that price! LOL!! .... either that or you'd better come out looking like Carmen Electra at age 20.

I've heard of it(quite a while ago actually) and I agree the price is ludicrous, actually thats a bit rich coming from me as I use La Mer creme, eye cream and the serum. I only use it sparingly after a peel or if my skin is super-dry as I can't afford it otherwise. However I only bought it as I was given three or four sample Jars and the results for me were spectacular. I don't drink, smoke or go out much so thats my treat(I have to justify it somehow!) Please don't think too badly of me, lol.