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Jul 15, 2007
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I want to start jogging [haven't done it since I was 10], but I'm the type of person who gets breathless and needs to rest after 2minutes of it [quite embarassing].

Anyone have tips on how I can build some stamina, and not want to quit and die after 2minutes?

u have to have a good breathing pattern.

i was a runner before i had my daughter always athletic and now i just cant find the time to do so and miss it so much lol

u have to always remember to take slow breathes to open the chest etc etc,

In thru the nose out thru the mouth. dont drink or eat alot of fluids before running. bowl of cereal and small glass of juice then wait about half an hour before running.

Do a light jog for a while until u get the breathing right and if u get a stitch the perfect thing for that is to dont stop. if u do stretch it out. as u should stretch before and after each jog.

Once u have the breathin done properly u shouldnt feel so outta breathe.

Start slow - like walking 4 min , then jogging 1... Do it for 30 minutes, and with time increase - 3 min of walking for 2 of jog, 2 of walking, 1 of walking, and in a few months you'll have enough stamina to jog the entire time.

We can't begin our exercises from the hardest, otherwise we quit

Yes, stretching is very important (at least 15 mins.) before AND after you jog. Use your stomach muscles to breathe deeper breaths when you are needing an extra push. Listen to your body. If it hurts a lot, then walk it out. Don't over-fatigue yourself by going hard every day. HTH and GL! ps Drink lots of water before, after, and even during your running (if you're on a treadmill).

Stretch very thoroughly! When you start off alternate walking and running. Eventually switch to more running. Its really important you don't rush yourself too hard.

All the good things here have been mentioned.

Stretch thoroughly. Breath properly. Gauge abilities appropriately. Also, try to keep your running technique smooth. Alot of joggers burn up a lot of energy by alot of extraneous movements that don't get them anywhere: heaving the chest up and down, swinging the arms alot, a jerky gait, improper body alignment. If you have any of those, try to clean them up, it will help you conserve your gylcogen stores for actual movement.

you can try all these great methods or a trainer once told me if you just start out right away running as far as you can even if you get out of breath that your body will eventually adapt and then you just keep pushing your limits everyday.. i haven't personally tried it but I just thought it was interesting and that i would throw it out there.

good luck!

Thanks for the great tips, will defintely try =) keep em coming if there is anything else.

find a running parter. let them help to push you. my girlfriend was the same way. we started out on a mile run and she wanted to start walking 400 yards into it. a lot of times, it's a mind and willpower thing. i kept pushing her to keep running instead of walking and she was able to do it.

when you feel the need to stop and walk, just find a landmark that you want to set as your goal. force yourself to hit that goal and then try for another goal before giving in to the urge. you'll be surprised as to how much farther you can really go before your body really gives up.

Hmm.. I think you should first up the walking by a lot.

Let's say walk up to your maximum on 3.0 speed. Do that 3x a week. The next week add 3 minutes to each workout going at 3.0 speed.

The week after that, go at 4.0 speed for the same time as you did on your first try at 3.0, and etc.

lol i hope that wasnt too confusing! i did this on my mom btw and it worked for her

I agree with everyone else. I also use an iPod to make the time go by faster so I don't even notice it.

Ah , another good idea : put songs with a high beat in order to stimulate you to run - i liked to put Panic! at the disco on my mp3 player when i wanted to jog harder