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Feb 9, 2013
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I noticed quite a few threads on Goodebox from months prior but nothing current. I'm curious if anyone has any recent experience with this box? 

I signed up this past weekend after canceling Yuzen. I thought Yuzen was a decent service (I picked it out of a list of natural beauty box services I started investigating back in December: Kara's Way, Eco Emi, Green Grab Bag, etc.), but the change to quarterly and a less than satisfying encounter with their customer service gave me some doubts. I could have stuck it out another quarter, but I wasn't sure the value was there for me personally to justify the $26 and three months is a long time to wait between boxes. Plus I'm a college student and I hope to start saving more once I'm working full-time, so I told myself I get only one subscription service. 

Goodebox pique my interest because I like that they have an every other month option. (Didn't want to look back in a year and realize I spent a small fortune on samples.) Judging from past boxes, the offerings were consistently things I would like or at least enjoy trying out. I expect to receive less volume for $16 than I maybe expected from Yuzen at $26, but honestly my Yuzen box was very similar to sample sizes found in a Goodebox. I also liked that they have a curator each month, makes the selection feel more purposeful. I'm hoping I miraculously get a February box at the end of the month instead of having to wait until the end of March for my first, but I'm not sure how many subscribers they have or the likelihood of extra boxes. 

I receive a Goodebox every month, and I love it. That the box is truly curated makes every month different and interesting. Their CS is very responsive and helpful, boxes ship on time, and with a couple of exceptions every sample has been good for several uses.

You might get a box this month as they sometimes do have extras!


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