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May 18, 2007
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Has anyone tried this new Smashbox brush set? It's listed at $84 on their website....I am a little wary about trying sets. I know last year I bought the MAC holiday brush set, and it was very cheapy!! Although I like the price!

if you dont like the price and want to try some smashbox brushes, go to ulta.. they have a 5 piece set for 30-something.




The Smashbox Studio Style Brush Collection is a limited edition mini-brush kit perfect for creating flawless looks on the go. Collection includes Mini Blush Brush, Mini Definer Brush, Mini Shadow Brush, and a Mini Cream Eye Liner Brush.

I want to buy a brush set and I've been waiting to see all the holiday sets, that are coming out. I want a good set. Just don't know which one to get.


Sonia Kashuk has one out now that supposed to be very nice. The brush set I purchased from Sephora's own line is pretty good ($35.00).

I haven't tried that brush set, but I do have a couple Smashbox brushes. I have the Powder brush, Foundation brush, slanted eyeliner and cream eyeliner brushes, and the brow brush.

I love, love, LOVE the Powder brush. The foundation brush is ok, I think I like my MAC foundation brush better. The slanted eyeline is wonderful! I use it with their Jet-set waterproof eyeliner to line my inner rims. The cream eyeliner brush and the brow brush are really nice also.

If you want to try their brushes out, the Beyond Beauty set would be a good deal, so would the Studio style set. It just depends on which brushes you would use the most.

It sure looks nice...but I wouldn't buy brushes unless I could see them in person and handle them a little bit.

I have last year's Smashbox Brush set and various other brushes from Smashbox. I like them all, they are all of great quality.

Originally Posted by Faith-Abigail /img/forum/go_quote.gif It sure looks nice...but I wouldn't buy brushes unless I could see them in person and handle them a little bit. i agree

UPDATE: Loved the brushes! The fibers were really fine, which resulted in a really flawless, fine application of powder, because it breaks the powder up more. Using the powder brush on pressed powder gave an application of a loose powder.

I'm really glad you like them. My brushes are just different brands for different applications.I love em though.


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