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Dec 28, 2005
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I took a quick look at them the other day and the colors seemed very nice and the texture of the eyeshadows reminded me of NYX. Has anyone here used them? What are they like?

You mean from the zara clothes store? They look cheap and poor pigmented honesty.


never heard of it, but found one pic LOL

i havent heard of the makeup, but when i went to san fran i finally went into one of theyre stores for the first time and really liked theyre stuff.


Yes I have a zara eyeshadow set and think it's fantastic! It's definitely one of my favourites at the minute, lovely thick colour and smooth to apply

Tested out an e/s today. It's very soft, goes on easily, and lasted a while on my hand. At 5 euros/duo, it's totally worth it in my book!


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