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Mar 15, 2005
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I've been hearing raves about this, and it's being compared to that super famous/and expensive under eye concealer brightner (so sorry, the brand escapes me... ) Guerlain? (sp?)

Any experiences????



LIke Touche Eclat? YSL?

Nope, I have not tried it but if it works and will save me not only money but my annual trip to Snooty Saks 5th Ave downtown, i would so buy it!! Maybe I will sample it next time i am in Sephora.

I tried it at sephora and it looked ok, I never convinced myself that it was worth buying though!

I'll have to try it. My undereye circles need all the help I can get! I'm sure Sephora would give a sample.

i have a mini-size of it (i bought like a try out kit of smashbox and it came with it).

honestly, i wasnt impressed.


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