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Aug 31, 2005
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I was thinking about buying a concealer brush to make applying under and around my eye a little easier. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good brush?

i use mac 194 and it is good to get into the small places and blends the color well.

I use Prescriptives concealer brush and I love it. You can purchase one for 17 bucks and it'll last forever. I highly recommend it!

I use Bobbi Browns concealer brush & i quite like that! LMAO because you asked for rec's and you'll never be able to make up your mind now with all the different brands mentioned! Maybe you should check out the review center to see if one in partuclar gets better reviews than others!

I use the MAC one too!

But i'm sure there's better out there as i find that the brush splays.

I use the MAC brush too. It doesn't tug on my skin and makes it easy to blend out the edges. I often wear mineral makeup, rather than liquid foundation, in the summer and easy blending makes a huge difference in how long it takes to make my face up.

Now, if only I could find a concealer that would last through my 10 hour work days!


I actually use a lip brush (L'Oreal to be precise); it is much smaller than any of the wide, flat concealor brushes I saw in the drugstores... I never saw one like the one Trisha posted in my price range, but hers looks fun too
I just use it under my eyes, and I like it because it allows me to get the concealor right up to the lashline without poking my eyeball with my fingernails (which usually happens when I don't use a brush!). I still finish blending with my fingertips to smooth things out, though.

i am ghetto and just use my finger.

i use a stick concealer which is quite hard and i find that the heat of my fingers melts it just enough

Benefit makes a good one that retails for $20 USD. I use it for foundation, concealer, creamy shadows and highlighters.

I use the MAC 194 Concealer brush. Its fantastic for spot coverage, and getting into the inner corners of the eye. I highly reccomend it!

Hey, that Mac concealor brush looks a lot like my lip brush! (Judging by the picture on the website anyway!) Maybe that's why my lip brush works well

I use L'oreal's concealor brush, and I quite like it!!
I've been using it for a couple of years now, and it's in great condition even with daily use and frequent washings.

Originally Posted by phoenix461 I have one by Chanel and it's pretty good. which one? i use the #1.

Originally Posted by ben i am ghetto and just use my finger.
i use a stick concealer which is quite hard and i find that the heat of my fingers melts it just enough

ghetto LOL i use my brush to pick up any non-stick concealer, dot it on wherever it needs to be covered up, and then pat with my finger because of the heat from my finger, like ben mentioned
also, around the eyes, it's so much easier with your finger - at least for me it is

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