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Mar 2, 2005
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We caught an episode of it last weekend and really liked it, so we went to Blockbuster and watched the whole thing from the beginning(at least what they have on dvd now) I never really noticed the show before, but it's one of my faves now...I hope it stays for a while. I used to like Boomtown too, but that didn't last very long. I think that was one of the best shows that's been on tv in a while...funny how networks decide which shows to keep and which ones to can.

It's a cop show and the main guy is a dirty-ass cop, but it's a really good show. I don't usually like cop shows, but the characters and the stories got my attention on this one.

My bf loves it... I'll watch it if it's on when I happen to be channel surfing. I like it - but you usually have to watch the episodes from the beginning so that you know what's going on & who's who.
Great show though!

My bf is absolutely obsessed with The Shield. I actually can't wait for the season finale next Tues. I'm guessing something horrible is going to happen to Army. Anyone else have any idea what they think is going to happen in the season finale?

Originally Posted by Trisha Dont post a spoiler yet, s4 hasnt even started in the UK yet!! LOL xxx oops sorry