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Originally Posted by sugatavon What are your favorite styling products? CurlySexyHair, Farouk Hair Toys, and Matrix Curl.Life seemed to work best on me
I try to use as little product as possible because everything seems to weigh my hair down so much. So far my favorite is Bouncy Cream by ISO.

Beyond the Zone Noodle Head products and I just tried a Jonathan product for curly hair that I was a serum, can't remember the name

got 2 be *curlvacious* its light and doesnt make my hair super "crunchy" . but it smells like a wine

L'Oreal's Anti-Sticky Invisi Gel - I've been using this since I was 16. It gives my curls great definition without giving me that wet look which I don't like at all.

Thermasilk Volumizing Mousse or Suave Mousse - I use in combination with gel for volume & definition.

I also try not to use too much product in my hair because I love soft, bouncy curls with lots of volume.

i've been using john freida silicone gel and secret weapon. i was surprised that these products worked so well on african american hair. i'll be spreading the word to all my girls that are looking to go natural!


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