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Aug 7, 2005
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Hi everybody!

I'm new here and I just found this forum. I love it! Anyway, are there any good forums on the net where women who dress like the pictures in these forums post pics of themselves in their outfits to be critiqued by others?

Check this out:

WARNING: This is NOT my style, but I like the idea of a forum where people get their outfits critiqued by other real people. Is there anything like this out there that you know of, or can I upload photos of myself on this forum to get your advice on "do I need a different bag with this outfit" and so on?


not sure about other forums like that one. but you can always post pics and ask us here!

wow... that forum was straight vicious... definitely better to do it here cuz we're MUCH nicer!!!!
ya know ..I like the idea...find out how others preceive your look for a tryout before going out...brutle...not really...better here than on the town,or at the office...I know I could use a LOT of help....


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