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Feb 1, 2007
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What type of brush do you use to apply primer and/or finishing powder?

I use a flat top for my foundation and have been using my blush brush for finishing powder but I'm not sure I'm doing it right to "set" my makeup since it doesn't seem to last matte looking very long.

But I don't think I should use the flat top for finishing. Should I use a kabuki or is that too much, or is the blush brush good to just sweep over oily areas? How do you apply it? I just don't think I got the technique down on this one!


I just use a regular, but BIG and fluffy powder brush to apply my finishing powder. You could use a kabuki, but sweep it on instead of buff it in.

i actually need an answer to this myself. i got the same problem. i hate it.

i use the fiber optic(from everyday minerals) or know as the skunk brushes(mac) for primers,bronzers and finishing powders,these brushes pick up just the right amount of product,you can also find them at kohls,i believe flirt is the name of the line
good luck!


I apply my primer with a flocked sponge to the T zone with Balancing

Dust of Everydaymineral, then my make-up foundation in Flat


For the finishing, I use Silk Dust Tinted Everydaymineral, which I transvased in a Refillable Dispenser Brush.

This brush is in my case of make-up for the final improvements in the

course of the day.

I hope that you understand me because I am French and I use Systranet for the translation in English.